Who Exactly is Yvonne L. Larson? 
This is my evolution and integration of My Purpose...
Chapter 1: The Beginning
So, ya wanna know about me?! I'm humbled and honored.
All of have been doing for the last 20 years is lovin' up on all my extraordinary clients. They are all such inspiring people. I'm grateful that I have attracted such wonderful people into my life to serve! I guess what I need to do is tell you what kind of clients I serve...

Okay, let's do this! (I'll do a lot of abbreviating along the way... you can always ask me for more details once we connect directly! I am happy to share.)

Way back in high school I wanted to be a psychotherapist, a physical therapist, a judge and a performer. Somehow through the years I've created a magical way to do all those things but under different titles!

I did go to school to become a physical therapist, but became very frustrated with the cold clinical feel and knew that wouldn't work for me in the long run.
I took a diversion from those studies when I was granted a full-scholarship from the Dean of Music at my school to be a music major. That was short-lived. At the time I didn't have very thick skin. The teaching style of my ear and sight teacher wasn't a match for my learning style. So, she repeatedly embarrassed me in front of my classmates. No worries, every moment of my life has gifts!

So, finally I ended up with a degree in Radio, Television and Film Production. Which I LOVED every minute of from day one to graduation! Like a lot of graduating college students I was crazy in debt when I graduated. I was earning more at the job I started at in high school to go into the field I got a degree in... which meant I didn't pursue a job in that field.

One magic day I read a neighborhood newspaper article about massage. It sounded just like physical therapy only with a lot more freedom in my practice. One year later with a 1K hours of training my practice was born and in no time it exploded!

In only 3 years I had a booming massage practice of 50 hours of massage, week in... and... week out (with a waiting list). I went from ZERO clients to 600 in that short time, ALL by word of mouth. No networking, marketing or advertising. It was all on the mastery of my work... and I guess LUCK! 
That may sound impossible or like too much work, but because I had so many clients I made a great income. That income allowed me to also GET three 2-hour massages each week, workout 7 days a week, have gourmet meals delivered to my house twice a week. I supported my friends by attending every opening night or concert they were performing. I could pay for all sorts of help. I had a housekeeper, a bookkeeper, a dog groomer and someone for pretty much everything I didn’t feel like doing. Life was VERY good.

Then in 2001 over a 4-day visit to LA my life took a new direction.
I fell in love with the perfect weather, the vibe, the beauty and the opportunity to pursue my music career. In just 28 days I relocated.

When I built my practice the first time it was effortless. The second time around there would be HUGE learning curve! I won't bore you with all those details, but it made me become a networking and marketing master!

What IS important is because of that move my coaching mentoring became possible. Over the last 17 years this is where all of my training in psychology, mindset, neuroscience, relationship dynamics, etc. was ingrained into me and practice.

Many of the clients that were attracted to my practice were delighted that in their sessions they were getting the business and their body in tune! 

Today, these clients refer to as a healer and tell others that I have magic powers, lol. I humbly embrace that I'm sought after worldwide
for my unique blend of performance based bodywork
with intuitive coaching to eliminate emotional restrictions
for my clients both on AND off the massage table.

Chapter 2: The Creation
Yes, for the last 11 years I have know that I somehow wanted to integrate ALL of my talents into one platform that would give me complete freedom and flexibility to explore and express all the wisdom, training, skills, talents and gifts that I've amassed over the last few decades of life.

For any Entrepreneur who has gone on a niching or branded journey you KNOW that road can be exciting and exhilarating. It can be exhausting and spirit-crushing until you finally "land" on the magic formula.

Well, in August of 2016 all the jigsaw puzzle pieces started falling into place.
Thanks to the perfect combination of mentorship and support I had contributing to me, the vision became crystal clear! 

I was to step onto a bigger stage than I ever imagined, because it wasn't just to sing songs to entertain audiences. It was to save lives through transformation.
My keynote concerts would be the access for Solopreneurs to navigate the critical conversations of exhaustion, overwhelm and isolation. I would create The Voice of Vitality Radio and finally USE that degree I got so long ago!

I would transform all the pearls of wisdom from all of my life lessons, training and talents to take these Solopreneurs on an exciting journey to calibrate their compass to have THEIR optimal life! Then help THEM to choose where this adventure would take them by creating their OWN Life Balance Playbook.
Finally, I would create a place for of these Solopreneurs to chart their destination and see their optimal life become a reality... The Optimal Life Playground!

In this playground, "Vitality Nation" would emerge. An inspiring and encouraging community ready to play, create and thrive with each other. It is now the time of growth and prosperity for the purpose-driven, pay-it-forward Entrepreneurs of Vitality Nation. So... I hope you are inspired to join us!
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